Art Lending, a real lever for the development of the art market

Art Lending, a real lever for the development of…

The Art market is growing strongly, especially in the contemporary segment. Indeed, Art like gold, in times of crisis, is one of the main “safe haven” investments, which is why Art Lending is an excellent alternative to the lack of financial liquidity.

Some figures on this unique growth:

  • Sales of works of Art represented $ 67.4 billion in 2018, up 6% from the previous year;
  • Loans, with works of Art as collateral, amounted to between $ 21 billion and $ 24 billion in 2019, almost double the figure for 2017, according to the 2019 TEFAF report.

Art lending is therefore a real lever for collectors seeking to increase their financial capacities. In fact, according to this same study, 69% of collectors in 2019 were interested in using their collection as collateral to finance either other works without losing ownership of works already acquired, or to finance personal or professional projects.